Power to Gas: Utilizing the Gas Infrastructure for Renewable Integration & Bulk Storage

Power to Gas: Utilizing the Gas Infrastructure for Renewable Integration & Bulk Storage
Recorded on Tuesday, October 16, 2012:


1:00 - 2:30 pm Eastern US Time

This webinar will look to solve the challenges of large-scale renewable integration and the need for low cost, deployable bulk storage through the utilization of the Natural Gas Infrastructure.  The concept examines management of large-scale renewable generation with alternative grid stabilization methods as well as the conversion of surplus renewable electricity to produce hydrogen gas that is stored in the natural gas pipeline system.    Advancements in water electrolyzer technology as well as interest from the hydrogen and natural gas community are leading to renewed interest in this area.

The concept breaks from past evaluations by placing hydrogen directly into the pipelines rather than generating electricity at the electricity storage site.  The concept provides distributed storage that can utilize existing assets to bring the stored electricity back to the power grids where, and when, it is most valuable.  Our team of experts in the field discusses recent advancements in the technology, feasibility, technical challenges of hydrogen being place directly into the pipeline system, as well as recent demonstrations of the application.  The team will examine the prospect from both a North American and global perspective.



Richard Fioravanti, Vice President, Storage Applications & Support, DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability

Ed Johnston, Managing Director, Gas Technology Institute

David Teichroeb, Business Development, Fuel Cell Markets, Enbridge Inc.

Daryl Wilson, CEO, Hydrogenics

Erin Dolleris

Webinar Producer

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