Innovation at the Edge of Space: Commercial Microgravity Opportunities

Innovation at the Edge of Space: Commercial Microgravity Opportunities
Tuesday, June 28, 2016:


1:30 - 3:30 pm Eastern US Time

Entire industries on Earth are at their roots dependent and reliant on various system’s phase diagrams. Gravity, a physical parameter that together with pressure and temperature define the state of the system, is assumed as being an irremovable part and best practices look at identifying work around solutions. Microgravity or reduced gravity represents a six orders of magnitude reduction in gravity, one of the fundamental forces on Earth and can be achieved in a variety of forms and durations. Short times (seconds-minutes) can be achieved from drop towers, to parabolic and suborbital flights. Long time exposure to microgravity however is only accessible “at the edge of space”, i.e. in Earth’s orbit and beyond. Material and life science systems all respond differently from molecular level to systemic behaviors when exposed to a reduced gravity environment. Every time humanity has harnessed a new physics environment, it has led to major breakthroughs and innovation.

This webinar will identify products originating from microgravity research and describe their known technological advantages over Earth manufactured counterparts. It will also identify potential microgravity based innovative technical solutions for commercial applications and evaluate potential commercial benefits for microgravity R&D over the next decade through the lens of the current state of the art of analogous processes on the ground and anticipated industrial high-tech trends. In particular the impact of microgravity research in five key and very diverse areas will be highlighted:

• Bulk metallic glasses
• Exotic optical fibers
• Tissue engineered organoids
• Amyloid fibril formation
• Genetic improvements in plants

With space rapidly becoming more reliable, affordable and accessible, the R&D question becomes a more fundamental business question: “How is gravity affecting your bottom line?” This webinar will help rethink your business ROI through space.


Dr. Ioana Cozmuta,
Industry Innovation and Microgravity Lead, Space Portal,


Prof. Amir Hirsa,
Professor, Dept. Mech, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering &
Howard P. Isermann Dept Chemical & Biological Engineering

Kristen Scotti,

Dr. J. L. Huff,
Scientist, USRA, Division of Space Life Sciences,

Dr. Zarana Patel,

Dr. Dennis Tucker,
Materials Scientist,

Prof. Wagner Vendrame,
Professor, Environmental Horticulture,

Erin Dolleris

Webinar Producer

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Webinar Coordinator

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  • Wednesday, 25 May 2016